5 Sun Safety Tips with Young Living Essential Oils

Check out our five tips for summertime skin care!

Whether you’re always ready to hit the beach or already planning your next mountain-biking trip, taking care of your skin is a must for every outdoor activity. But since it’s only a short time from sunny rays to sunburn for days, check out these YL tips to keep yourself protected from harmful UV rays as you enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

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How to Use Honey in Aromatherapy

Given the mass media reviews of how wonderful honey is for nearly everything, it is perhaps no surprise that a lot of people want to know how to use honey in aromatherapy. As essential oils are more popular in aromatherapy than absolute oils, it is perhaps worth mentioning first that although somewhat similar, honey is an absolute oil and not an aromatherapy essential oil.

Aromatherapy – A Complete Analysis

Aromatherapy is an alternative method of healing that makes use of the healing effects of volatile plant oils. These volatile plant oils are composed of some very important essential oils. Aromatherapy is found to be effective for the physical conditions as well as for the psychological conditions.

Selecting the Right Type of Essential Oil Diffuser

With all the rage nowadays with spas, massages, and relaxation, it’s not surprising that massage oils, incense sticks, and essential oils are also very hot in the market. Many people even go to such lengths as designing certain parts of their house to look like a spa or at least to have the ambiance of a spa. Aside from using mood lights and relaxing music, more and more people are using an essential oil diffuser in their homes.

How to Treat Your Psoriasis

Because psoriasis seems to involve poor/faulty elimination of toxins by the liver, it is advisable to place as little stress on the liver as possible. Alcohol should therefore be avoided, completely if possible. Tea (apart from herb tea) and coffee are best cut from the diet.

Mist Fountain Aromatherapy – How to Reap the Rewards of Aromatherapy Using a Mist Fountain

Mist fountains are one of the best fountains that every person would appreciate to own. This is because they allow you to relax and to take in fresh air when you are tired and over worked. These devices are also the best when it comes to aromatherapy because substances with nice scents can be added into the water and this enables you to breathe them in your rooms or in your office.

Health and Fitness – Aromatherapy, Is It Real?

Humans have five senses, and smell is one of them. If you ask people if they had to choose losing any of their five senses, generally they will pick smell. In the modern era we don’t use the sense of smell as much as we used to, it is not necessarily a survival mechanism. However, you probably don’t realize how many times you smell your food before you eat it, but this is an evolutionary process and if it doesn’t smell right you know there’s something wrong. But how do you know?

Fragrance and Chemical Sensitivity

People are becoming more familiar with the term, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity but many don’t understand what it really is or realize that we are all at risk of developing it. In essence, MCS is the body’s natural, allergic reaction following exposure to a variety of chemicals and toxins.

Aromatherapy Through the Ancient Civilisations

In early times plant essential oil properties were known, but not well understood, and the effects were often attributed to spiritual reasoning. Early civilizations discovered the benefits of these herbs, and incorporated them into rituals with religious belief. Aromatherapy is the inherited use of many of the same essential oils from ancient civilisations.

Mother Nature’s Indoor Air Solution – An Essential Oil Diffuser

Pollution is one of the environmental concerns of people all around the world; land pollution, air pollution, and water pollution are current problems. It is important that you do your share in combating these different kinds of pollution to live a longer happier life. Mother Nature’s answer to indoor air pollution is essential oils. But to benefit from these essential oils, we need an essential oil diffuser.

How Bath Oils Can Soothe a New Mom During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is certainly one of the more amazing experiences that a woman can have. However, the physical and hormonal changes can also make it one of the most stressful. When a woman is pregnant, her baby experiences everything that she does, so it is important for new expectant mothers to stay in the proper frame of mind.

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