5 Ways | Lime

What’s the best way to use Lime?

This oil can be used for everything from a flavoring in your kitchen to a natural cleaner. The main constituent, limonene, is both uplifting and cleansing, so you can diffuse Lime to refresh the air and uplift your emotions.

Comment below and tell us your favorite way to use Lime!

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Baths and Aromatherapy

We all need to bathe on a regular basis, but baths can be for much more than just good personal hygiene, they are also great for aromatherapy. Adding essential oils to your bath is great way to help relieve stress, cure ailments, and even help you get into the mood. Lets us look at some of the essential oils that you can add to your bath to enhance your bathing experience.

Essential Oils for Treatment of Immediate Allergies

For many, the beauty of spring has a sinister twist-blooms bursting into flower may mean months of sneezing and hay fever. Medicinal herbs, such as nettle and alfalfa, are gaining ground as popular allies in calming the body’s histamine response and alleviating symptoms without suppressing them. Indeed, there are many plants with antiallergenic properties, but I’d like to focus on essential oils.

Essential Oils for Better Health (Natural Health Care for Everyday Issues)

Essential Oils are a great natural way to take care of your family’s every day health issues. Learn more about the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Is Having a Bath Safe When You Are Pregnant?

Pregnancy is both exciting and terrifying especially if you are pregnant for the first time. One key topic of debate is whether having a bath is safe when you are pregnant, and which bath products are recommended.

Start Your Day With Aromatherapy

At one time or another we’ve all awakened having to start our day feeling sluggish, lack luster and a little down. Starting your day with aromatherapy will definitely help remove these physical and emotional feelings.

Electric, Chemical, Vs Microwavable Hot Cold Pack For Shoulder And Back Pain

For people that have chronic illness and muscle pains, thermotherapy is the right way to go. Choose the right shape is the key to a more effective therapy. Comparing electric, chemical and all natural heating pads, the pros and cons are discussed.

Eucalyptus Essentials Oils Help Prevent Summer and Winter Colds

Getting a cold is extremely uncomfortable and annoying. The cold itself causes nasal drainage, coughing and downtime. Preventing a cold is the simplest way to deal with a cold but what do you do if you catch a cold. Using Eucalyptus Essential Oils can help you overcome a cold. I know they’ve helped me.

Is Aromatherapy Good for Your Pet?

Aromatherapy traditionally enjoys a well-known history of treating various conditions that people encounter with mind and body ailments, but it’s gaining a reputation for its effectiveness on pets as well. Arthritis starts gradually from a small pain that develops in one area of the body and travels to several areas of the body making a person wonder what is happening. A trip to the doctor confirms the standard diagnosis is “that’s what happens when people get your age.”

Aromatherapy Can Be Beneficial

Imagine being able to ease the pain of a headache or ease nervous tension without having to take prescription medications that can have significantly bad side effects. The essential oils used in aromatherapy can produce such results and many more.

Facts You May Not Know About Aromatherapy

There are several different ways to ease your mind with scented oils and potpourris. The Ancients treated lavender bunches that they strewed on floors to release their sacred powers, and you could replicate this with an atomizer spray. You could also place a scented pillow on your bed, and sleep peacefully throughout the night.

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