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In this week’s episode of CBD 101, we take a look at CBD Beauty Boost and everything it can do for you!

Our CBD Beauty Boost was created to be the perfect addition to your beauty and skin care routine. On top of our high-quality CBD oil, we’ve added a few other oils to maximize the benefits of this product.

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Natural Healing Remedies Using Peppermint Oil

If you enjoy natural healing remedies, but you have not used peppermint essential oil yet, you are missing out! There are so many great benefits of this aromatic oil! Let’s start with energy. That magical thing that so many of us lack. The common solution to this is caffeine, and lots of it, to get us through the day. However, that has it’s cons, including those pesky jitters. Peppermint oil is a great alternative to this!

Making the Most of Soy Massage Candle by Using Emu Oil

Everyone knows the spiritual benefits of burning a beautiful candle, but what else can you do to compliment the experience. By blending emu oil into your soy candle wax, you can create not only an aesthetically pleasing candle, but also create one that is soothing and nourishing.

Aromatherapy Candle and Its Wonderful Advantages

If you desire for comfort and relaxing rest time after your tiring day, providing aromatherapy candle in your home could be a great idea. This certain candle is surely different with any ordinary candles that are used for illuminating the dark. Aromatherapy candle is made to spread certain scent to your entire room every time you burn it.

Aromatherapy in Self Healing and Development

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using natural essential oils, (taken from plants), to help heal and balance you in body, mind and spirit. One can frequently find aromatherapy procedures found in spas and resorts. Not many individuals have explored the many benefits aromatherapy can bring.

Lavender – The Ultimate Natural Relation

Lavender is about the closest thing you can get to a perfect solution to the effects of strain. Anxiety, headaches, depression, insomnia and mental exhaustion are just a few of the ailments that are treated quite successfully with lavender. A pillow that is made especially shaped for the neck that is filled with lavender is definitely the ultimate relaxation therapy and better sleep pillow.

Best Choices of Aromatherapy Bath Salt For Your Bath Time

If you want to have great bath time experience in your home, one of the simplest things you need to prepare is bath salt. This is a certain type of aromatherapy that helps you a lot to convert your ordinary bath time activity to an extraordinary relaxing and soothing activity. Surely, you have many choices of aroma that you can select to improve your bath time. Here are some options of aroma or scent that might be good choice for you.

Aromatherapy Oils

When you are ill it can be quite an expensive time, especially now with all the increases in prescriptions and the expense of most of the pharmaceutical products out there. Nowadays a lot of people are considering other cheaper ways to try and find ways to get healed from their ailments. One way which has actually been around for a while, is the using of aromatherapy oils regularly to combat the ailments that people are suffering from.

Aromatherapy For Stress

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant derived essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being. Essential oils or aromatherapy oils have been around for thousands of years based on accounts that place the first uses of aromatherapy in 3,000 BC by the Egyptian people.

What to Buy As an Aromatherapy Gift

Is it someone’s birthday coming up or do you want to buy a present to for someone just for being them? Well, I know a way that you could really treat them. You should get them an aromatherapy gift. You will be surprised at how much people love anything to do with aromatherapy.

Common Scent Stories

It has now been established that flowers and living plants exude perfume in waves and cycles. But there is much that remains nature’s secret. Mystic legend tells that the spirit of the flower is responsible for controlling the perfume and who are we to believe otherwise?

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