Cypress Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Here we discuss the benefits and uses of Cypress Essential Oil.Buy my new aromatherapy book -Top 10 Essential OIls for Health and Wellness here

Oh! Natural Aromatherapy aims to promote good health and wellness with essential oils. In this video, we learn the history of aromatherapy treatments and essential oils. A candid discussion about uses, benefits and cautions when using essential oils.

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Recorded on 11/20/2015 01:48 PM UTC by OhNaturalAroma

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Buy my new aromatherapy book -Top 10 Essential OIls for Health and Wellness here

Bergamot Essential Oil – The Relaxing Aromatherapy

Bergamot essential oil is known to be an effective relaxant. It is relaxing in a way that would leave one’s body and mind free from worries and anxiety but more over energetic enough to face the day in a more stable good condition.

Mandarin Essential Oil – A Safe Remedy for Children With Hyperactive Behaviors

Child with hyperactive tendencies may therefore be within normal range especially with boys. The cause for a child to display such behaviors may be due to a sudden change in a boy’s life such as death in the family or parent’s divorce. During this times that a child will experience anxiety and depression and that the resulting behavior is hyperactivity which children use as a defense mechanism because they can’t fully cope up to stressors as well as adults can…

Essential Oils Uses

Oh, the many essential oils uses. They are used to scent soaps, perfumes, potpourri and candles, and to add flavor to food and beverages. They are also used in some pharmaceuticals as well as in aromatherapy massages, baths and compresses. But perhaps more importantly, they offer medicinal alternatives to tranquilizers and other drugs commonly used for stress relief. Doctors have found that these oils, especially those with aromas connected to strong memories, can trigger soothing responses that help you to relax.

Try Aromatherapy for Well Being

Have you ever considered using Aromatherapy in a spa or at home? Today holistic and natural healing techniques are increasingly being used by people worldwide.

Helichrysum Essential Oil – Aromatherapy

Since the ancient times, Helichrysum essential oil has been used by the Europeans for tissue repair and healing. Since it has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, as well as antiseptic, Helichrysum essential oil is best for skin problems like acne, burns, allergies, stretch marks, wounds and even old scars and keloids…

Myrrh Essential Oil – Aromatherapy Wonders

The myrrh is from a botanical plant called Commiphora myrrha. It has a warm wood, balsamic, earthy and musty scent which has been used since the biblical times as a perfume. In fact there are studies that suggest that myrrh is from an old Greek word meaning perfume while some said it is an Arabic word meaning bitter, suggesting its…

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil – Aromatherapy Wonders

And it’s the use of variety of essentials oils. One of those essentials oils is the Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil. It is derived from the inner dried bark of the cinnamon tree bark through the process of steam distillation. Its warm, sweet and spicy aroma tickles every sense. It has been sought throughout the ages for its inevitable effect on both mind and…

Anise and Star Anise – Do You Know The Difference?

Anise and star anise are two spices that have a similar aroma and flavor-sweet licorice. The plants that give us these spices are entirely unrelated. Read on to discover more about these interesting spices.

Helpful Aromatherapy Tips

Many people are into alternative medicine nowadays. One of the most popular is aromatherapy. This is an ancient way to treat certain ailments in the body. Whether it is internal or external, it can help alleviate the ailment once this method is used. For more details, read on.

Aromatherapy Safety Guidelines

The primary components used in aromatherapy are essential oils. These oils are derived from the plants and these oils are very much concentrated and potent that using them requires proper procedures, tools and knowledge most importantly. Proper use of these essential oils will guarantee not only good benefits to the body but also safety for the users.

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