Digestive Wellness Program: Kit 2

After Kit 1, you’ll have noticed differences in your everyday life from using pure essential oils and related products. The second kit of the Digestive Wellness Program builds on the benefits you’ve already experienced with a new collection of powerful products.   Learn more at

Aromatherapy Tips For Beginners

Have you thought about learning what Aromatherapy is all about? If your answer is yes then here is a good place to start. When first learning about Aromatherapy you need to start with getting to know the main element of Aromatherapy and that’s the Essential Oils.

What Essential Oils Can Do For You

Have you ever walked by a field of lavender? Have you ever smelled fresh herbs or wildflowers? If you said yes, you have experienced aromatic properties of essential oils and didn’t even know it!

Nature’s Forgotten Treasures – Part 1

Natural skin care ingredients can help you achieve better health. Ancient herbal ingredients have been used as remedies for many conditions for 100’s of years with great success. Modern medicine and pharmaceuticals have improved the quality of our lives without question. However for many health problems and conditions they could be tackled another way.

Essential Oil Diffusers Permeating The Scent Down To Our Soul

To be able to fully enjoy the benefits of aroma essential oils, we use diffusers. Diffusers offer all the benefits of aromatherapy with ease of use. There are diffusers that you can make on your own, and there are also others which you can buy from your favorite essential oil dealer.

Essential Oils – The Key to Aromatherapy

When using essential oils its important to know how much to use, how to blend and to know what oils to avoid in pregnancy. Learn about the contraindications of essential oils and general cautions.

Aroma Oil Diffusers: Diffusing Nature Into Your Space Through a Healthy and Beneficial Scented Treat

The olfactory bouquet dispersing nature into your space is the living purpose of aroma diffusers. The ultrasonic diffuser style has gotten its vibrations enchantingly heard all across.

Points to Keep in Mind in When Buying Aroma Diffusers

You need aroma oil and diffuser in order to experience the process of aromatherapy, or healing through inhaling the dispersed scent of aromatic oils. There are a lot of aroma diffusers to choose from; you should be vigilant in selecting the right one for you.

Important Facts About Essential Oils

Other than their pleasant scents that will help in relaxation and the lifting of moods, essential oils are endowed with other qualities that are amazing. For instance, essential oils can prevent and fight an infection that is already present. They therefore have antibacterial properties. They are also sometimes considered to be adaptogenic because they respond flexibly to various needs.

Important Facts About Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy can be described as an alternative healing method that uses the therapeutic or medicinal properties of the essential oils of particular plants and herbs. This ancient practice was first discovered in Egypt, China, Italy and India. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a French Doctor and Chemist was later to rediscover the benefits of essential oils sometime back in the 1920 after accidentally burning his hand and managing to successfully treat it using lavender oil.

Most Common Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy oil or aromatherapy oils are also sometimes referred to as essential oils. Since it is impossible to have aromatherapy without these oils, they can therefore be referred to as the base of aromatherapy. They will not only influence the body but the mind and spirit as well.

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