Eucalyptus Essential Oil with Pam and Danielle

A lively discussion about the uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil with Pam Gomez and Danielle Huard. The discussion is based on Pam’s new book in which she discusses ten essential oils. This video is based on Chapter 5 – Eucalyptus.

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Dangers of Aromatherapy: Don’t Be Afraid

Essential oils come with many dangers and cautions. Are essential oils safe? Yes. Most fears and cautions, including “don’t use them internally” and “don’t use them undiluted (neat) on the skin” are unnecessary. The oils have been used internally and undiluted often and by many without any issues of safety. There are some sensible precautions and possible irritations when using essential oils and oils should be used with awareness. Yes, be cautious – don’t be afraid.

Using Aromatherapy For Alternative Healing

Although there is hardly any clinical evidence that aromatherapy actually works, there is some evidence that some of the essential oils have therapeutic potential. There are many aroma therapists world wide that believe whole heartedly that aromatherapy has positive effects on a person’s health and well being.

Aromatherapy – Elbow Room For The Spirit

Scent transports us. Our most personal and profound memories can be triggered, almost involuntarily, by our sense of smell.

Soothing the Summer Time Scorch With Peppermint and Lavender

Let’s face it; it gets really hot in the United States in the summer. For example, the average daily temperature in New York City is 89 degrees and can get up to over 140 degrees in your car! Fortunately, with the use of therapeutic grade pure essential oils, relief is on the way.

Your Inner World Creates Your Outer World

Can you change your outside circumstances by simply change what you are feeling? Here is a simple and effective way to help reduce stress and anxiety on the inside, so you can feel better. Eventually your external conditions will catch up.

Aromatherapy Healing Treatment or Cosmetic Product Review

The word “aromatherapy” may suggest inhalation but may also be offered as a topical application. Essential oils may also be ingested for medicinal purposes. Only a trained aromatherapist should prescribe taking essential oils by mouth, as some are toxic and all are highly concentrated. How you apply aromatherapy, essential oils have an impact on their healing capabilities. Essential oils, which are extracted only from the flowers, bark, roots, peels, leaves or resin of plants, can be quite potent. Cosmetic products with synthetic oils may claim to have aroma therapeutic effects, but their application will not produce the same results as a session with a qualified aroma therapist. Essential oils are highly concentrated therefore it is not recommended that you apply them in their pure form directly to the skin. Better results may be experienced if you use sparingly and dilute the oils in water or with carrier oil or massage lotion.

How Energizing Nasal Inhalers Stimulate Your Senses

For years, we have been ignoring our nose. That’s right–we rarely ingest anything through our nose. When we are hungry we eat food, and when we are thirsty we drink whatever liquid we decide will quench our thirst.

How to Use Essential Oils and Aromatherapy for Diffuser and Inhaling

Essential oils, or aromatherapy, are natural remedies you can use in a diffuser or inhale for effective healing of stress, anxiety, headaches, migraines, colds, flu, sinus congestion, lung congestion and to enjoy the natural perfume like fragrance. There are very easy methods for breathing the aroma of essential oils that include; diffusers, tissue, and spray bottle.

Natural Health Remedies With Essential Oils – How to Use Aromatherapy (Part 1)

Essential oils are natural health remedies that can replace the side effects and expense of most medicines. Essential oils are naturally extracted from plants, fruits and woods. They relieve headaches, pain, stress, anxiety, inflammation, bacteria infection, colds, flu, are antioxidant and great in skin care and anti aging. You can simply use essential oils in many ways including massage, skin care and by inhaling them. Essential oils are a safe, effective and easy method to prevent illness, cure sickness and take control of your health.

Natural Health Remedies With Essential Oils – How to Use Aromatherapy (Part 2)

Essential oils are natural medicine remedies and work in a holistic way, treating symptoms of illness along with the causes of that symptom. The oils are able to treat stress, anxiety and the inflammation, headaches, migraine, pain, sensitive skin and ibs, that may be caused by the emotions. You can easily use essential oils by applying directly to the area needed, combining them in a vegetable or fruit oil, or by inhaling them.

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