Fall Cooking with doTERRA

The look, the smell and the taste of fall all come together in this flavor-filled Autumn Apple Strudel with Clove Chocolate Glaze. It’s quite literally a mouth full of goodness with the baked apples that are accented with cinnamon and clove oil and oh, the chocolate glaze. This is a creation you will want to make for yourself and those you love. Don’t forget to share the health benefits of the oils as well. Thank you Cooking with Ruthie for sharing this work of art with us and others! Happy fall and happy eating!
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Icing on the Cake – Brainstorming Healing Protocols

An Aromatherapist has his or her own healing protocol or framework. Some emphasize on chemical components and therapeutic properties while others emphasize on plant parts or emotional aspects. It is hard to say which one is superior. Each protocol has its own merits.

Aromatherapy and Its Benefits – Everything You Need to Know

Nothing feels more invigorating and relaxing than a nice massage after a hard day at work. Our bodies aren’t machines which are meant to perform non-stop without any rest. From time to time, it’s important to get some rest and recharge ourselves. There are so many options out there that can use for relaxation; the only thing you need is the will to do so.

Spa: The Best Way To Get Rejuvenated

The lifestyle of every single person living on this planet has changed drastically. The work pressure, long working hours & improper diet has given birth to various diseases. Among all diseases, stress is considered as the most dangerous.

How to Choose an Oil Diffuser

Documented records reveal that the history of essential oils dates back to ancient civilizations of China, India, Egypt, Greece and Rome. People used these oils for therapeutic healing as well as spiritual and hygienic well-being. Later with the advent of handy essential oil diffusers, it became very easy to keep home fresh and fragrant. The true essence of aromatherapy, when clubbed with modern-day diffusers, replaced the conventional medicines to treat regular illness or routine disorders. Several studies today claim that these diffusers (used with 100% pure essential oils) are incomparable in terms of enhancing mood, relieving stress, easing emotional or physical pain, promoting immunity, maintaining focus and enhancing relaxation.

Deciding the Course of Action for an Aromatherapy Course

Aromatherapy has transformed itself from being a traditional practice to a booming industry. It is popular in almost every continent and many people are aware of its nature and application. The number of people practicing aromatherapy in their homes is increasing rapidly.

Aromatherapy Oils: To Refresh Your Mind & Body

Aromatherapy is considered as an excellent healer for several diseases. It has been in practice since the time immemorial.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils: Magical Cure to Stress

Aromatherapy is an art, but not limited to massage now a days, even the aromatherapy essential oils are the new boon. Read more about how these essential oils help cure stress and give peace of mind.

The Power Of Oils, Incense & Perfumes And Their Deep Healing Effects on the Mind, Body And Spirit

Aroma-therapy is recognized as one of the oldest practices that are available in natural intervention and therapeutic outcomes. It dates back an average of 5000 years where the application of essential oils and natural scents were used to aid in healing damaged tissues and a troubled mind. It is based on the theory that fragrances can stimulate particular bodily functions and aid in developing a healthier state of function over time.

Favourite Solid Perfume Balms Are Trendy With Benefits

Now, when it comes to perfumes, you can find a choice between solid, liquid and oil-based fragrances. Solid perfume balms are now trendy in the market. These aromas are in fashion now and have caught the fancy of modern generation. If you are feeling burned out or feeling exhausted in a sunny summer afternoon, then get ready to wear some amazing fragrances.

Essential Oil Uses in the Home

Essentials oil uses in the home include fighting odours, making housecleaning products, enhancing aromatherapy and repelling common insects. Essentials oils are not the same as perfume oils, fragrance oils or potpourri oils. Instead of containing synthetic ingredients, they contain the true essence of the plant from which they were extracted. The pleasant fragrance of essential oils will help to fight odours in the home. Sprinkling two to three drops of orange oil in a garbage can will eliminate offensive smells. Or, sprinkling three to four drops of lemongrass oil into the toilet bowl will block unpleasant bathroom odours. For sheets that smell fresh when they come out of storage, sprinkle three to four drops of lavender oil on a paper towel and tuck the paper towel into folded bed linens.

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