Helichrysum Essential Oil Uses Benefit and Affirmations

This video is about the characteristics of Helichrysum Essential Oil as well as the uses, benefits and positive affirmations.

”Oh! Natural Aromatherapy aims to promote good health and wellness with essential oils. In this video, we learn the history of aromatherapy treatments and essential oils. A candid discussion about uses, benefits and cautions when using essential oils.

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Recorded on 10/01/2015 12:21 PM UTC by OhNaturalAroma
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Tangerine Essential Oil – Health Benefits

The typically citrus smelling tangerine essential oil is said to have many health benefits. Originally from China, this essential oil found its way first to Europe then the North America where know they are the biggest producer of tangerines.

Marjoram Essential Oil – Health Benefits

In almost all herbal gardens Marjoram can be found. In most kitchens of serious cooks, a pot or two of Marjoram can be sighted. This is because the sweet herbaceous with of note of spice aroma of Marjoram can make meat dishes turn into extraordinary ones.

Marjoram Essential Oil – Aromatherapy

No kitchen is without it. A plain chicken or beef will instantly turn into gourmet dishes with marjoram. Its sweet woody and herbaceous aroma with a tinge of spice makes it perfect for any meat dishes. This wonderful plant is also the source of one of the best loved essential oil, Marjoram essential oil.

Grapefruit Essential Oil – Aromatherapy

In England, the lavender holds a special position among the essential oils. But in Israel, the grapefruit is the queen of all essential oils. Originally from Asia, this sweet smelling citrus is now grown in North America (Florida and California in particular) as well as in Brazil and of course in Israel.

Ravensara Essential Oil – Aromatherapy

In Australia the wonder essential oil is the tea tree oil, and Madagascar, a country in the African continent, Ravensara essential oil is the “cure all” essential oil. It has as botanical name Ravensara aromatic, a tall tree with very aromatic roots.

Creating Happiness With Herbal Incense Aromatherapy Products

Often, you give yourself the gift of herbal incenses to maintain your physical and mental health. Thus, you may light up jasmine-scented incense sticks after a stressful day at work with the intention of creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

Aromatherapy Simplified

Aromatherapy is an alchemic practice that has been used for centuries in many ancient cultures for a myriad of purposes. The aromas of each oil have a different and beneficial effect on the olfactory and limbic systems and can be used to treat both physical and emotional disorders.

Healthy and Inexpensive Christmas Gifts to Make – Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Bath salts open the pores to cleanse away dirt, sweat and toxins. They aid in healing dry skin and making it softer and suppler. Here is a recipe of candy cane bath salts for you to make.

Citronella Essential Oil – History and Health Benefits

All of us just love to have some spare time doing something we love and our body loves too. But then simple things can be turn out to be the most needed thing of our body and mind. Treating ourselves after hard days of work could be fantastic and mesmerizing if we just take note of what is obviously lacking to our activities.

Does Fragranced Oil Brand Make a Difference?

Fragrance oils vary in quality and how they perform in real world settings. Although there are many low budget fragrance oil brands, the quality often makes them unsuitable for regular use.

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