In the Know: Episode 16

Please join us for episode 16 of ”In the Knōw” as Krista Numbers and Sydney Carlson, doTERRA Corporate Communications Managers, discuss the latest mentions of doTERRA in the media.
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Five Health Benefits of Using Ylang Ylang Oil

Health Benefits of using Ylang Ylang Flowers. Read to find more.

The Essential Oil Glossary: Common Aromatherapy Terms and Their Meanings (E-Z)

Have you ever been browsing the web for info on aromatherapy and encountered a slew of words that were WAY beyond your day-to-day vocabulary? If so – you’re not alone. Check out this E-Z aromatherapy glossary for help wading through the jargon.

The Rise of Warming Oils

The use of warming oils in these three case studies reveals to us that – by adding warming essential oils, the therapeutic properties of the whole blend are enhanced. Though rosemary camphor, ginger, and cardamom exhibit certain therapeutic effects or chemistry in healing, adding warming oils undoubtedly increase the synergistic effect of the whole blend.

The Essential Oil Glossary: Common Aromatherapy Terms & Their Meanings (A-D)

There is a unique world of jargon and vocabulary associated with aromatherapy. In this article, we’ll explore several terms from A-D.

Secrets of Rosemary Oil Exposed

Facing a long night of studying? Is there a long drive ahead of you? Are you worried about thinning hair? If you said yes to any of these questions, you’re a great candidate for rosemary essential oil aromatherapy treatments. Keep reading to find out more…

An Overview About Different Types of Essential Oils & Their Uses

The essential oil is basically the oil which is extracted from the plant. There are various substances found in nature that contain miraculous healing properties. Owing to these properties, these products find tremendous use in several applications.

Secrets of Clary Sage Essential Oil Exposed

Know someone who struggles when it’s “that time of the month?” If so, there’s a natural alternative for feminine complaints from PMS to hot flashes – clary sage. Find out the secrets of clary sage essential oil and it’s role in aromatherapy and beyond.

When Ginger Does Not Help – The Effect of Frankincense (Frereana) in Sobering and Healing Nausea

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is renowned and widely praised for its ability to reduce motion sickness or nausea. There was a short period of time that I experienced nausea whenever someone gave me a ride. To help reduce the symptom, I usually brought Ginger essential oil mixed with jojoba oil to massage.

The Role of Aromatherapy in Combination With Traditional Medical Practice

Conventional medicine and alternative/complementary healing methods are not mutually exclusive. They can work very well when combined together. This case study illustrates how this can be achieved. The subject contracted a cold and had fever afterwards.

My First Blend, My Sickness, and My Fun

The case study is about the first blend that I made for myself in relieving my sickness. It turned out to be a great success. I discovered a protocol I keep using in healing.

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